Monday, November 2, 2009

JUNE 6th!!! Good grief!! I have GOT to get on the ball and keep this place updated!!! Well, maybe now I will, because I am taking some great lessons over at about blogs so that should keep me on my toes to keep my blog updated!!!!
Will write more later. Have to go study my lessons!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hay scrappers!!! Check out this GREAT giveaway!!! You have until June 12 at 3 pm and all you have to do is leave a comment and link her blog to your blog!!! Help me get the word out so everyone will have a chance at winning some nice gifts!!!!

Check it out here!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hay!!! Do you like fun games??? Well check this one out over at ! SuzyQ Scraps has put together a really cute puzzle and if you can figure it out---you can win $15.00 to her store over at !! You heard me right---FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! And all you have to do is look at the puzzle pieces and figure out which of her kits they are from!!!
What are you waiting for ---- go check it out!!!! And GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

HAY HAY HAY!! Happy National Scrapbook Day everyone!! OK, so for my non-scrapping friends, YES, we have our own day!! Bear with us!!!

LOT going on at One Single Seed! Be sure to check out the 40 % off sale!! WHAT A DEAL!! And there will be LOTS of challenges, Speed Scraps, Chats all day long!! Come join us!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So, are all my scrapbook friends ready for National Scrapbook Day?? I know I am. Lots going on here in Alpena and on the web!!

And along that note I just want to let you know about a fantastic sale my friend SuzyQ is having. You can find her store over at www.enchantedstudioscraps. Just click the "store" and look for SuzyQ Scraps. You're gonna LOVE her kits, and check out the fantastic sale she is having for National Scrapbook Day!! WOW!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GOOD MORNING MICHIGAN!!! And everyone, everywhere else!! The sun is shining and its suppose to get into the 50's today!! FINALLY!!!!!
Well, this post will be short, but VERY sweet for all my scrappin' fans, cause I have a secret!! Oh, ok, I'll share it!!
Do you like yard sales! Well, then, check THIS out!! OneSingleSeed is having a yard sale! And you don't even have to get out of your car---or your house for that matter!! Go check it out at !!

Friday, April 3, 2009

OK, time to update!! So much has happened!! I am getting settled in my new apartment, but still unpacking boxes. Does it ever end??? Got myself a kitty to keep me company and is she ever a hoot!!! Right now she is in the kitchen window watching the rain and trying to lick the raindrops that are on the outside of the window!!!

GREAT news!!! I have been asked to be on the design team for SuzyQ Scraps. Now this gal ROCKS--pushing a new kit out every week---and AWESOME kits, at that!!! Check out my layouts from her newest kit, just introduced today. It's called Funny Bunnies, and yes, there really are funny bunnies in the kit, and they are SOOO cute!!!! Take a walk over to her store and check out her goodies!! You're gonna LOVE her "egg" kits, especially her "Egg-spressions" - eggs with the cutest faces on them!!

SOOOO---they are telling us we will be getting yet MORE snow next week!!!! Will this EVER end!!! Now this has been going on since the middle of November! ENOUGH, already!! I am so ready for Spring!!! I actually saw a robin hopping outside my kitchen door on Sunday. Poor guy is probaby on his way back down south by now!!! But my heart goes out to those in the mid west with the heavy snow and the Dakotas with the floods.

So, off to get some layouts done!! And maybe TRY to play around with my new PSE again!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hay everyone!!! It's TIME!!!
Remember I told you in my last post that Treasures to Scrap has a new name? Well, to celebrate the new name, new look, etc we are having a GRAND OPENING ALL WEEK!! Lots of games, challenges etc!!!! Come on over to and see the HAPPENINGS!!!! I'll be lookin' for ya'll !!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time to update!! Why do I let so much time elapse between my blog updates?? Who knows---guess I'm just so busy!!! But lovin' it!!!

Well, I am FINALLY in my own apartment and SOOOOO excited. I didn't expect things to move this fast, but I always believe there's a reason for everything. This place just unexpectedly opened up, and then next thing I knew, here I was!! I especially love being on my own computer again. This poor baby has been packed away for 6 months!!! But she is working like a charm, after a scare!! I thought I had lost everything---rushed to the computer guy--he backed everything up--found and fixed the broken wire and happily was able to save everything!! What WOULD we do without our computer geeks!!! Gotta love those guys!!!

I am excited to say that I am back on the Creative Team over at One Simple Seed!! It is so good to be back with the gang again and digi scrapping away!!! Oh, I still love my paper scrapping and sneak one of those into the gallery now and then. I have the best of all THREE worlds --- digi, paper and hybrid.

If the name sounds strange, they use to be Treasures to Scrap and have changed their name, look and everything else and it is AWESOME. Go check it out at .

And while you're checking things out---I was led to the blog of one of our OSS members and found some awesome papers from a company called Marks Paper Company. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am a paper snob!!! I LOVE pattern papers; all kinds of pattern papers, and THESE papers MUST find a way into my stash!!!

In fact, she even has a contest going to win some of these great papers!!! The contest goes until March 10th, so you still have time. Oh, you KNOW I am shooting for it!!! I have added photos of the two lines you have a chance to win. So be sure to check out her blog and get all the info on how to win one of these awesome lines of paper: .

Just finished an awesome crop over at and guess what???? I won the GRAND PRIZE!!!! Can you believe it???? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name there!!! Now I can't wait to get my goodies and start playing!!!! That Drea---she sure knows how to put on a crop!!!! And if you're not doing anything this weekend, she has another one starting on Friday with her Boredom Fighter crew!!! Go check it out!!

Well, guess that's about it for now. Stay well---be happy---and catch ya all later!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Are ya ready?? Are ya sure you're ready? Cause---after FIVE months---I am updating my blog!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!

Where DOES the time go?? And where do I start??? Well, first of all, I no longer live in Summerville, South Carolina. I now live in beautiful Alpena, Michigan. Nestled away in a little corner of Northeast Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron. I moved back home at the end of August and am now living with my daughter until I find my own place.

I travled back down to Summerville to spend Christmas with youngest daughter and my sweet grandchildren. I had an awesome time and Santa was very good to everyone. Don't you think Jameson makes a cute "Santa's Helper"? Oh, and that's my grandson, Cohen, putting out his magic reindeer food on Christmas eve so the reindeer will find his house. Can't take any chances, ya know!. I LOVE the photo of the three grandkids with Santa! First time we've had all three together in a while as oldest grandson lives with his dad in Colorado.

So, here it is---the New Year and I am EXCITED!! I have such positive vibes about this year! It's going to be an exiciting ride!

I think the most exciting thing that happened to me in 2008 was my Emmaus Walk. I took mine on October 5th. I have been wanting to do my walk for the last 3 years but life just seemed to get in the way. Oh--what is an Emmaus Walk? It is a very spirit filled weekend with about 25 other ladies. It's usually held at a church. Mine was at a church about 2 hours away from my home. Believe me when I tell you that we are secluded! No phones, I-pods, tv's, radios, no connection to the outside world for 3 days!! They even cover up all the doors and windows! Oh, and NO WATCHES! So you have no idea what time it is, even if it is day or night, dark or light outside. I can't tell what happens, as there may be someone reading this that is planning to take their Emmaus Walk. It is open to all churches. Don't want to spoil any wonderful surprises---and believe me---it is WONDERFUL!! Let's just say---it sure changed me!!!!

The saddest part of 2008 was having to say goodbye to my beloved Misty. I still miss her so much. If you are new to my blog, you can read her story back in my July post.

Oh, and my 12 year old grandson is now at military school. Not sure how I feel about it but he loves it! Check out the layout I did about it. He's SOOO little to be in that uniform!

So---here I am----looking forward to a wonderful year---especially the fact that I will be turning 70!! Can you believe it? I feel about 40!

Oh----before I go, just wanted to fill you in on a great online crop starting this coming Friday and running for a whole week! Check it out over at then come and join the fun. There is always a great grand prize and then lots of little raks throughout the week--lots of games and FUN FUN FUN!!! Oh, be sure to tell them--Nancy sent you! See ya there!!!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HAY HAY HAY!!! It's boredom time!!!! Only in this case its FUN to be bored. Well---that is, if you visit and join us in our Friday Night Boredom Crop!!! Wanna have fun??? Wanna win some fabulous prizes??? Well, come and check us out!! That's this Friday, August 15th at 6 pm, central time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My blog, today, is dedicated to the memory of one of the closest friends I ever had. It's with a sad and heavy heart that I write this. Yesterday, I said goodbye to my companion, friend, buddy, love of my life for the past 12 years----my sweet dog, Misty.

It was exactly 12 years ago this month that a neighbor boy knocked on our door to tell us that there was a puppy lying in the road---that some one had tossed her out a car window. I ran out and scooped up this adorable little brown bundle and brought her in the house. We immediately called our vet and he said to bring her right over.

After checking her all over, she was none the worse for her tumble and he estimated her to be about 5 weeks old. He also told us she was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which I had never heard of. She also had a little Chow in her because of her black tongue. All I knew is from that moment on, she was a devoted member of our family.

Her and my sweet hubby became inseparable. I mean "joined at the hip" inseparable !!!! For 7 years Juergen doted over Misty, took care of her, loved and spoiled her. Then in April of 03, Misty and I said a broken hearted good-bye to my darling husband and her best friend. I could not have made it through that time without Misty. She was forever at my side. I would sit in Juergen's chair and cry and she would come and lay her head on my lap and whine as if she were crying with me. She would lick my hands and look at me with those beautiful brown eyes as if to say "I'm here---I'll take care of you." And that she did, for another 5 years.

Our travels took us from Florida to Michigan and then on to South Carolina. She helped me move on with my life. She was my "forever" companion. She was a dog I had never experienced before. She never played with toys. She never ran around and chased things like other dogs. She was very quiet, subdued, happy to just lay at my feet.

I noticed about two years ago that she was walking funny. She started having problems with her back legs. But she was still able to bound up the stairs, and prance around excitedly every time I came home and I figured, if she could do that she was ok. But two months ago she really started showing the worse in her legs. She whined a lot, and then about two weeks ago, I noticed that when I came home, she would just lie there and not get up to greet me. She could still climb the stairs to the second floor, but it was very slow, pausing sometimes to rest half way up. Then last week it really got bad and I knew what I was facing.

Yesterday, we had to make the ultimate decision. From the time I found her she had NEVER had an accident in the house, even as a puppy. But for the past few days she had lost all control. She was losing feeling up into her back. I told my daughter to call the vet. I figured it would take a few days to make the appointment as I knew how busy this vet was. But then Tanya walked into my room and said "They want her now". I was in shock. NO!!! Not NOW!! I need time to say goodbye. But I knew in my heart that God was telling me to send her home----she was in pain and hurting.

And so with heavy hearts and more tears than we care to count, we all said our goodbyes. We had always known that when the time came, Tanya would be the one to take her in. It was the one thing she wanted to do for her dad-----to be with Misty in the end. There was no way I could have gone. At that time, I was a complete hysterical basket case.

So, Misty, my faithful friend. How can I say THANK YOU for the 12 wonderful years you gave us. There are no words to describe the love we all had for you. You were the light of our lives. So now I send you home. I know that I know that I know----that as soon as that old heart gave its last beat, you found yourself in a beautiful meadow. There were lots of dogs running and playing. There were wonderful shade trees, and flowers everywhere. But you didn't stay long---because suddenly you stood still and looked off into the distance. Someone was coming---someone familiar. Your body quivered with excitement and you bound off with all the energy you had as a puppy. And suddenly there he was, with arms open wide. Your excitement was more than you could stand!!!! You ran into his arms and kissed him all over and he lovingly stroked your head. You were together once again!!! And together you headed off-----over the Rainbow Bridge and into the sunset.

But before I go----promise me one thing----that when my old heart beats its last beat, and I find myself standing at Rainbow Bridge that you both will be standing there waiting for me. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BOTH MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OH NO!!! PLEASE don't tell me it has been TWO MONTHS since I updated!!! Where DOES the time go!!
Well for one thing, I spent a month at my sweet granddaughter's house in North Carolina. Her hubby needed surgery and I helped out with my two precious little great-grandchildren. Everything went very well, and Dave is on the mend.
Then it seems when I got home, there was just so much to catch up on. But I think I'm there now!

We had a horrible scare around here yesterday. My 4 year old grandson and the 6 year old neighbor girl decided to see what Oleander leaves tasted like. Now for those that don't know, they are very poisonous!! Fortunately Maggie's mother found out and called 911. They send an ambulance and immediately gave them charcoal. Poor Cohen, he fought me tooth and nail!! He was NOT getting into that ambulance!!! Poor guy was so scared. Anyway, all is well. It seems the green leaf Oleander is not as potent as the yellow leaf one. THAT one is deadly!!! Needless to say, there are three holes in our yard where the bushes USE to be!!!

I am busier than ever with my scrapping!! And there are two GREAT crops on the horizon. Now the first one is tomorrow night over at Yep, the Friday Night Boredom Fighters are BACK!!!! AND----along with some GREAT prizes!! A great kit from our friend, Drea, who runs the show (she is awesome with these Boredom Fighter crops!)---and then our good friend Robin B (mad scrapper designs) is adding one of her kits as a prize, and then our buddy Allison Copes has donated the July issue of the So Sketchy! Subscriber as a prize!! THANK YOU Robin and Allison!!! You're the GREATEST!

Now, starting on July 1st over at, another GREAT crop is starting and THIS one runs for TWO WEEKS!! Be sure to go over there and check out all the details. This will be a hum-dinger!!!!

There is also a lot happening over at! There is ALWAYS a lot happening over there!! Check out those awesome Treasure Chests in the digi store. AND did you know that it is sale day EVERY DAY over there? Yep, 35 % off, EVERY DAY!!! So check out these great sites!!!!

OK, so what have I been doing? Well I will upload a few of my latest creations! I just love the "Hold My Hand" one. That is my granddaughter's hubby with my two sweet great-grandchildren. For this I used a variety of Rick Evans kits ---- love how you can combine his kits together!! I used: "My Grandmother", "Cherish Dream Live", "All About Family", "Happiness of Being", and "Girls Just Wanna"

"Mommys Are Fun" was done for a color challenge over at Scrapadilly. I snapped photos of granddaughter playing with the kids. I used a bunch of kits by my buddy Robin B (mad scrapper designs) including Frame (color changed) from "Hidden Treasures", Black Paper from "Contempo Retro Papers", Green Paper from "Hey Hey Baby"' Everything else from "Adventures in Fun"

OK, now I gotta explain "Get Up and Go". Treasures to Scrap is 3 years old and we are having all kinds of great challenges over there. Come and check it out!! Anyway, this layout was done for the "Gunny Sack Race". We had to do a lyrics layout about how we felt on our last birthday!! Yeah, the lyrics to THIS song says it all!!!! I used two of Dawn Inskip's delightful kits called "Pets" and "New Beginnings".

Well, thats about it for now. Hope you have enjoyed seeing my work. I promise I will NOT let two months pass by again!!! Thanks for looking!!!! (((((HUGS)))) to you all !!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another beautiful day here in the southeast! Mid 70's, and tomorrow is suppose to be in the 80s! Did I mention that I will be moving back to Michigan? Well not until next year, but I am looking forward to my beautiful Michigan!! Now the weather here is very nice, but I miss the change of seasons. I love the freshness of spring, the warm balmy days of summer and you just can't beat those awesome colorful Michigan autumns--------and then there is winter!!!! Well, you know, don't you, that there are only two seasons in Michigan.
There is WINTER and there is SPRINGSUMMERFALL !!!! I'm sure my dog, Misty, is all excited about going back. I mean, can't you just tell by that photo of her??? OK, enough of that subject!!
Well, there is a new member of our household. She moved in bag and baggage last week and I am about to MOVE HER OUT bag and baggage!! Talk about something so tiny that can get into so much mischief!!! Her name is Boots-----and that is exactly what she is going to get!!!! Nah, not really. I love kittys. But this one sure is a frisky little thing!!! Her favorite toys?? The dogs tails!!! Now you talk about FUNNY-----watching this scene is hysterical!!!
Just another typical day around this household!! And how is YOUR day going???

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, have been trying all morning to start a new blog, thinking this is what I had to do to get the new version, until my good buddy, Robin, informed me I didn't have to do that----ALL THAT WORK for nothing!!! AAARRGGGHHHH!! All I had to do was change my template!!!! And that's what I did!! Now you can see more!! :o)
SO, lets see---what's new----what's been happening?? Granddaughter, Jameson was so cute this morning going for her very first bike ride with mommy on the back of her bike. Mommy and Daddy bought new bikes and a bike carrier for Jameson. She LOVED it!! She looked so stinking cute with her helmet on!!!!
Been a quiet week here. The weather is AWESOME. Going to be in the mid 80's for the rest of the week!! WOOO HOOO!!! Time to go to the pool!!!
Daughter and Son-in-Law have been working hard on the back yard. The grandkids swing set is up, the patio is in and they bought tiki lights and a 3-seater swing to finish it off!! SIL fenced off a small portion of the yard as a "doggie bathroom". Nicest way I could put it!!! :o) They were killing the yard---so this is the answer. Works great!! They just go out the door and they are in their private bathroom! You have to open a gate to get into the play yard. He put ceder chips down and it smells so good!! And this way we know the kids are playing on nice clean grass (if you get my drift!!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a day!!! Remind me that birthday parties for four year olds are too harsh for grandmas!!! Oh well, it was fun!! Had around 12 kids at Chucky Cheese today and grandson Cohen had a blast!! Here are some photos of all the fun. His little sister had just as much fun as the big kids!! Cohen wasn't too sure about meeting Chucky----he looks a little apprehensive. He loved his pirate cake--the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean (did I spell that right?)
Oh yeah, the fat lip!! She was playing on brother's new table and chair set yesterday and fell out of the chair face first on the concrete. We are thankful she only got a fat lip!!
It was a beautiful day today, in the 80's, a perfect day for a birthday! Cohen got WAY too much stuff!!! But he dragged it all outside for all the neighbor kids to play with and they played all afternoon. The big hit of the day was the bubble maker, as you can see!!! Our neighborhood was covered with thousands of bubbles!!!! All in all, the kids had a GREAT day, and grandma has another pile of photos added to her ever growing stash!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello my friends. Yes I am still here, alive and kicking!! It has been a rough month, but things are looking up.
Sadly, as most of you know, I had to say goodbye to my scrap sites and many, many dear friends. You know the old saying "Fight or Flight"? Well, unfortunately, all my life, I always choose the Flight way out and then am so sorry afterwards.
I have to learn to STOP, evaluate the situation, and think it through before I do anything rash!!! As things clear up in my life, I am hoping to gradually get back into scrapping again----no, I have done NO scrapping!!! Photos are piling up faster than I can think!!!!
I can say one thing without a doubt and that is that God has been with me all the way!! There is no way I could have made it without Him!!!! He is my fortress!!!!
Now for what is happening on the home scene----well, grandson, Cohen will be four tomorrow and we are having a big blast at Chucky Cheese. OH FUN!! Can grandma make it through this?? Of course, that means MORE PHOTOS!!!!
Granddaughter, Jameson is going on 19 months old!! Where does the time go?? Right now, she is walking around (yes!! finally started walking!!) with a fat lip. Cohen got one of his presents today--an outdoor table and chairs set and Jameson fell face first off the chair.
I have been asked to teach a card class at my church this fall and I am really considering it. It will give me something to do and get me out of the house. I am becoming a HERMIT!!! MUST STOP THIS!!!
We had a wonderful Easter, but my favorite part was the week leading up to Easter. What awesome services ---- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Saturday evening Easter vigil. It was awesome!!
The grandchildren had an Easter egg hunt at the church on Saturday. Jameson was so cute picking up her eggs. Then we had one at the house after church on Sunday.
Oh, we DID have one scary thing happen a few days ago. A kitchen wall cabinet decided to fall on me!! Fortunately no one was hurt!! It was full of dishes and canned goods. I had just put the baby in her highchair---usually she is right at my feet. We definitely had angels watching over us!!! We found out that the cabinet had been attached right to the wall board---NO STUDS!! CRAZY!!!! But I am counting my blessings. I came out if it with just a slight bruised arm.
Well, thats about it for now. Hope all my friends are doing well and scrapping away!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, I think its about time I updated this blog! It is beginning to get cobwebs!!
Hay!! first of all I want to tell you about an awesome new site I found, called Unity Stamps!! Now get this!! An acrylic handle that will accommodate either rubber stamps or clear stamps!! WOW!! Now rather than try to go into an explanation, which I'm not good at---just check out the site and watch their video. You will find the link to their site over on the left hand side of my blog, right underneath my 'Blog Archive". Seriously, you have GOT to check it out! I've added some photos from their site to tweak your interest----but to fully understand how it works, be sure to check out the site! You won't be disappointed!!!!

So other than being very excited to find this site, nothing else much going on at the home front. Oh, for those of you who LOVE crops----there's a GREAT crop starting tomorrow (Friday) at It starts at 10 a.m. Friday and goes until midnight on Sunday. LOTS of games and challenges and of course lots of great prizes!! Check it out!!

Spring is finally beginning to arrive here in South Carolina. On my way to church last Sunday, the flowering bushes were really starting to come into full bloom!! The trees are loaded with buds and the weather is now in the low to mid 70s. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

Thats about it for now. Catch ya all next time around!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you believe it? My first GREAT grandson is off to school!!!! GOOD GRIEF!! I am getting old!!! NAH, not really---age is only a number---and my actual number may be WAY up there, but in my mind that number is very low!!!!
Anyway, here is my sweet Caleb---off to pre school over in Okinawa, Japan. I love how you can see the Japanese letters on the side of the school bus. What a memory this will be!! I can still remember the day he was born and how excited I was to be a great grandma!!! I mean, I was REALLY excited when his grandma, my daughter Holly, was born and I was a grandma for the first time, but this was even MORE exciting!!! And now here he is, off to school!!!! I have been SOOOO blessed!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

OK, so for the benefit of all my family and loved ones, I guess I had better start putting stuff in here BESIDES scrapping!!! (Is there anything else?) -----only kidding, loved ones!!!!

WOW! the first of March already!! HAY, its almost Christmas---have you gotten your shopping done yet???? Are you like me and start in January, you know, every time you see a sale? Then when Christmas comes, you look at what you bought in January and think "Heck, I don't have anyone I can give THAT to!!"

In the 60's here today. Suppose to be nice and sunny tho. Can't WAIT for Monday---high of 76 and sunny all day. THIS Chickie is going sunbathing in the back yard!!!! Good thing we have a 6 foot fence---I'd scare the whole neighborhood!!!!

Dd's in-laws are still here---two months now. But I really enjoy their company. Someone to talk to besides ankle biters!!!! Oh, not that I mind 3 year old Cohen's constant jabbering---and not understanding about half of it---or listening to 1 year old Jameson and her wa wa-da-da-ya-ya!! Makes for some interesting conversation!!!! OH!! and Jameson is FINALLY walking!!! Wow, I mean, 17 months old!! She should be out working by now!!!

Oh, that layout I posted at the top? THAT is my precious little great-grandson, David. Isn't that a million dollar smile? Gotta LOVE him!!!! He is my daughter, Holly's, grandson, and son to Amanda and David. And his little sister, Lily, just turned one year old!!! Where DOES the time go???? OF course, great grandma MUST do a layout of her first birthday with the photos Amanda sent me!!
Well, thats all the news for now. Catch up later! I'm off to have my first cup of coffee!